SPACESHIP EARTH Launches March 8

There's nothing that can replicate the communal experience of watching a film in a theater. In response, we've enabled the digital release of SPACESHIP EARTH to bring communities and cinephiles together while also helping support organizations and businesses in need.

We're giving everyone in the US the opportunity to partner in the release of SPACESHIP EARTH—-launching everywhere May 8th-—through virtual screenings in which you, your business, institution, non-profit, etc., can screen the film and receive half the proceeds of every 'ticket' you sell, just like a theater would.

We will host the screening platform, provide your own unique screener link, and deliver materials that you will be able to share with your audience to promote your screening. Pending availability, select screenings also have the opportunity to feature filmmakers in exclusive Q&A's.

If you are interested in screening SPACESHIP EARTH with us, please complete this application for review.

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